Fleet Street Pub

About Fleet Street Pub (scroll down for menu)

In the pursuit of creating an authentic U.K.-style pub experience, the original owners of Fleet Street had a clear vision in mind. Their passion for British culture led them to seek out the essence of English, Irish, and Scottish pubs, aiming to replicate the warm and inviting atmosphere they had encountered during their travels abroad.

Central to their vision was the desire for rock music to permeate the air, with a focus on English rock that would resonate with patrons. The music was carefully curated to strike the perfect balance—loud enough to recognize and appreciate each song, yet never overpowering the conversations and camaraderie among guests.

The culinary aspect was equally important to the owners, who aimed to provide a menu that offered both comfort and splendor. They meticulously crafted a selection that blended mid-range pricing with the exceptional quality often associated with fine dining. To complete the U.K. experience, the owners made sure to feature the finest draught beers imported directly from Britain, ensuring an authentic taste for patrons to enjoy.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment was paramount for the owners of Fleet Street. They envisioned a place where people could gather, relax, and engage in lively conversations. Regardless of background or status, everyone would feel at ease within the pub’s walls.

Recently, a new owner, an actual Brit, took the helm of Fleet Street. Drawn to the establishment by the previous owners’ remarkable achievement in capturing the essence of a U.K. pub, he sought to add his personal touch while preserving the pub’s authenticity. A few cozy sofas, a selection of books, and board games were introduced, providing guests with the perfect setting to unwind and pass the time. Additionally, the bar was expanded to include a wide array of Scotch Whisky, catering to those seeking a refined drinking experience.

For those familiar with Fleet Street, rest assured that the new owner has made only subtle enhancements, maintaining the spirit and ambiance that made the pub so beloved. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting, we extend a warm invitation to join us at Fleet Street. Come and experience the genuine hospitality, the vibrant atmosphere, and the distinct charm that make our pub a truly remarkable destination. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you into our community.

Fleet Street Pub Menu


$12 Waterloo Wings
Seven pepper-spiced chicken wings. Served with English farmhouse dipping sauce.

$6.50 Blackfriars Fries
Hand-cut, twice-fried fries, served with mustard aioli [V] ([VV] if ordered without aioli)

$6.50 Balham Bacon Butty
Simple. Classic. Beloved. Bacon on white, buttered bread.

$8.50 Southfields Sausage Sarnie
Sausage sandwiches made with two of our amazing bangers on white, buttered bread.

$6.50 Charing Cross Crisps
Freshly-made crisps (potato chips), cooked to order. Served with French onion dip. [V] ([VV] if ordered without dip)

$7.75 Chips and Curry Sauce
A British favorite — especially late at night after a few beers! Blackfriars fries, covered in a generous helping of our amazing curry sauce.

$8 Manor House Eggs Mimosa
A platter of savory deviled eggs with crispy greens and tomato salad.

Soups & Salads

$11.50 Chancery Lane Chicken Salad
Hand-pulled chicken, mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, celery, onion, tomato, bacon, golden raisins, cranberries, almonds, and stilton, with roasted shallot vinaigrette. [GF] ([V] if ordered with no bacon or chicken)

$7.50 Covent Garden Salad
Mixed greens and other vegetables, with roasted shallot vinaigrette. [GF] [V]

$10.50 Barbican Beet Salad
Beets two ways, mixed greens, goat cheese, candied pecans, and onions, with lemon-ginger vinaigrette. [GF] [V] ([VV] if ordered without cheese)

$10.50 White City Wedge Salad
Iceberg lettuce wedges, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and walnuts, with a bacon and stilton dressing.


$15 Piccadilly Fish & Chips
Battered Atlantic cod, fries, our famous tartar sauce, and mushy peas (or another side if you’d prefer).

$13.75 Royal Oak Fish & Chips
Environmentally sustainable Alaskan Pollock, fries, our famous tartar sauce, and mushy peas (or another side if you’d refer).

Cod $13/Pollock $11.75 Finsbury Park Fish & Chips
Not quite as hungry? Try a smaller portion of our Fish & Chips, without the side dish.

$14 Baker Street Burger
Hand-made, jumbo all-beef burger, with fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, and roasted garlic aioli on a toasted bun. Served with a side of Blackfriars Fries.

$15 Liverpool Street Lamb Burger
Juicy, house-ground lamb burger with Moroccan spice, harissa sauce, sweet pickled red onion, fresh mint, and cucumber on a toasted bun. Served with a side of Blackfriars Fries.

$13 Notting Hill Chicken Sandwich
Hand-pulled chicken with a tangy balsamic BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, and mustard aioli on a toasted bun. Served with a side of Blackfriars Fries. ([GF] if ordered without the bun)

$12 Wembley Park Sliders
Two lamb sliders, served with tahini sauce, onions, and a cucumber-tomato salad and a wedge of gratin potatoes.

$12 Victoria Station Veggie Burger
A scratch-made vegan black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, and roasted garlic aioli on a toasted bun. Served with a side of Blackgfriars Fries. ([GF] if ordered without the bun)

$15 Bond Street Bangers & Mash
English bangers, mashed potatoes, rosemary gravy, thyme-roasted onions, and malt butter-sautéed Brussels sprouts.

$15 Fleet Street Chicken Pie
Pulled roasted chicken in a creamy pie filling with a scratch-made pie crust, tomato salad, mashed potatoes, and rosemary gravy.

$14 St. James Shepherd’s Pie
Minced lamb stew with mixed vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes and cheese.

$14 Vauxhall Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie
A version of our St. James Shepherd’s Pie made with lentils instead of lamb. [GF] [V]

$14 Surrey Quays Curry
Vegetables in a curry sauce, served with jasmine rice. [GF] [V] ([VV] on request). Add chicken: +$3.

$14 Arsenal Breakfast
Classic full English breakfast with two eggs, bacon, banger, baked beans, charred tomato, toast, and orange marmalade. ([GF] if ordered with no banger or toast)

$13 Brixton Beef & Dumpling Stew
An entrée-sized portion of our hearty beef stew, topped with dumplings. ([GF] if ordered with no dumplings)


$9.50 Baron’s Court Bread Pudding
Lemon and white chocolate bread pudding, served with freshly-whipped cream and our butter-rum toffee sauce. [V]

$9.50 Camden Town Chef’s Choice Ice Cream
Three scoops of our homemade ice cream. Ask your server what flavor the chef has made this week! [GF] [V]

Lunch Specials

$7.50 Surrey Quays
Our Scottish curry: fresh vegetables in a fragrant curry sauce with jasmine rice. Choose mild, medium, hot, or extra hot. Can be vegan on request. Includes a soft drink.

$7.50 All-Saints
A soup-and-salad combo: choose from our homemade potato soup or mini beef stew, plus one of our house salads — garden salad, wedge salad, or two-beet salad. Also choose one of roasted shallot vinaigrette, lemon-ginger vinaigrette, or creamy bacon-stilton dressing. Includes a soft drink.

$7.50 Wembley Park
A lamb slider, served with a small portion of our famous potatoes au gratin and a garden salad. Includes a soft drink.

$7.50 Royal Oak
A lunch-sized portion of our Royal Oak Fish & Chips entree. A generously-sized portion of Alaskan Pollock, fried in our famous batter, along with hand-cut chips and our amazing homemade tartar sauce. Includes a soft drink.

Draft Beer

Blackstone Brewery IPA – You’ll find citrus and pineapple notes in this well-balanced IPA.
Blackstone Nut Brown Ale – An English-style brown ale brewed right here in Nashville.
Brewdog Elvis Juice – A tart, very citrusy IPA, flavored with grapefruit peel.
Brewdog Hellcat – An Iron Maiden-themed India Pale Lager. Citrusy, and very metal!
East Nashville Beer Works Miro Miel Honey Blonde – An American-style blonde ale made with locally-sourced honey.
Fat Bottom Passionfruit Tangerine Berliner Weisse – A lovely sour, clocking in at only 3.8% ABV.
Fullers ESB – Strong, full-bodied English ale.
Fuller’s London Porter – Smooth and creamy with hints of chocolate and coffee.
Greene King Old Speckled Hen – A delicious British ale that will quickly become your go-to beer.
Guinness – A classic. Guinness is good for you!
Harp Lager – A fairly light, very easy-drinking lager.
Miller Lite – A delicate yet complex blend of flavors which delight the palate with… ah, c’mon. It’s Miller Lite.
TailGate Brewing Orange Wheat – A wheat ale made with natural oranges.

Scotch Whiskey

$10.25 The Singleton of Glendullan 12 Year
A ‘gateway whisky’ for those without the palette for a heavily smoky drink. Hints of cinnamon, apple, and pear are rounded out with a subtle touch of smoke.

$11.25 Johnnie Walker Black Label
A blend of several whiskies, this well-known Scotch is rich and full, with notes of wood smoke and dry spice

$11.25 The Ardmore
A mix of 80% peated, 20% unpeated malt, you’ll taste some charred, smoky notes but nothing too overpowering.

$14 Laphroaig 10 Year Old
A strong, smoky whisky. Oak, wood smoke, and a hint of spices. Try it with a drop – just a drop – of water

$14 Glen Grant 12 Year Old
A lovely whisky. Orchard fruits, and a hint of almonds at the finish.

$15 Tullibardine 228 Cask Finished Burgundy
Spiced and rich, this whisky is finished for 18 months in Red Burgundy casks, giving it a delicious extra complexity.

$16 Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old
A big, crisp, dry and very aromatic nose, and a medium-bodied slightly smoky body, won this beauty 95 points from Whisky Bible.

$17 Glenfiddich 15 Year Old
A very approachable Scotch for those who are new to whisky. Notes of sherry and citrus, finishing with candied fruits.

$19 The Macallan Amber
Aged in sherry casks, the taste is surprisingly thick and fruity compared to its more delicate nose.

$22 Lagavulin 16 year Old
One of the smokiest of the Isla whiskies, this is not for the faint-of-heart… but it rewards the more experienced Scotch drinker with a terrific, thick, rich flavor.

$24 The Balvenie 15 Year Old
Aged in sherry casks, The Balvenie provides a fruitcake-like flavor, complemented by hints of oak. A really wonderful drink.

$34 Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Only one in ten thousand casks make the grade. Rich and slightly smoky, this blend is a legend.

$14 Stranahan’s Single Malt Colorado Whiskey
OK, this one isn’t actually a Scotch. Instead, it’s one of the first American single malts. Smooth, mellow, and well worth trying.