Eat & Drink


Fleet Street Pub – 207 Printer’s Alley
Ms. Kelli’s Karaoke – 207 Printer’s Alley
Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar – 220 Printer’s Alley
Skull’s Rainbow Room – 222 Printer’s Alley

Past Printer’s Alley Businesses

Lonnie’s Western Room
Brass Stables Jockey Club
Brass Rail Stables
Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar
Alleygators Underground Lounge
Alley Katz Nightclub
Parco Cafe
The Black Poodle Lounge
Pink Poodle
Captain’s Table
VooDoo Room
Peppermint Lounge
Jolly Roger
Subway Lounge
Carousel Room – Owned by famous saxophonist Boots Randolph
Carousel Club – 220 Printer’s Alley, owned by Walter Ross (1963)
The Embers Club
Embers Showcase
Hugh X. Lewis Country Club (former Black Poodle Lounge)
Possum Holler
Country Showcase – Owned by Johnny Paycheck
Barbara’s – Owned by Barbara Hayne at 207 Printer’s Alley
Phil Barkley’s Western Room
Club Caliente – Owned by Evans Suarez
Irvin’s Restaurant
Lido’s Bar
Key Club
Unique Club – Owned by Jimmy Hyde (1952)
The Whip
Carney’s Place – 210 Printer’s Alley, owned by R. C. ¬†Carney (1948)
Printer’s Alley Club – 224 Printer’s Alley (1963)
Unique Club – Owed by Jimmy Hyde (1951-1952)
Vito’s – (1979)